Ideal Breakfast

The Ideal Breakfast is how I start every day. Scroll down to see my breakfast plans, and start your day the right way.

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My Herbalife Breakfast Products:

Click To Read More  Formula 1 - I love Vanilla and Mint Chocolate, but they all taste amazing!

PDM - I use this so I can use water instead of milk. This reduces the sugars in your shake and gives you more protein.

Thermo Tea - Great for keeping your energy up and a healthier option than normal tea or coffee. Keeps you hydrated and helps burn calories.

Aloe Mango - There are so many benefits to adding aloe to your drinks, plus the Mango flavour is incredible. I add it to my tea and water.

Select Your Breakfast Plan:

If you click on an option below, the breakfast plan will be added to cart. You can change the flavour of your plan in your shopping cart. If you wish to add milk to your shake as opposed to water, you don’t need to purchase PDM.

  1. STARTER - Shake & Tea
  2. IDEAL - Shake, Tea & Aloe
  3. KADYS PLAN - Shake, Tea, Aloe & PDM

Order Receipt & Process:

Once you place your order you will be added to our client support Facebook group. In here we share great recipe ideas for meals to accompany your shakes. PLUS you will get a free training plan on my Body Goals With Kady App.  

You will receive 2 emails once you order your plan :

  1. Immediately - PayPal receipt of payment
  2. Within 24 Hours - Confirmation that your order has been processed and details of how to gain access to my support group and get your free training plan on my APP.

I’m so excited to welcome you into our community where i can support you in reaching your goals!